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supplier for 60 Minute Makeover

60 Minute Makeover Moment of Fame

  Way back in the Spring my pottery was taken over by an ITV film crew working on 60 Minute Makeover. I had been selected to be a featured artist on a show and decided to make a large Landscape bowl. The director requested we explain the whole story of making the bowl – from […]

throwing a bowl

An insight into behind the scenes, at Jill Ford’s Studio

Preparing for the next big show here at Jill Ford studio. Jill shows you, in these easy to watch short films, the careful process of throwing and making a Jill Ford bowl. Hopefully this will inspire you to have a go yourself! Jill is available for lessons, just email here and leave your details and […]

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Jill Ford Sketching

Close and personal – an interview with Jill Ford

Jill Ford talks to Fiona Pattison about life as a ceramic artist;  living in rural Yorkshire and how the changing of the seasons are her main source of inspiration. Showing below is Part one of the interview. Part two of the interview with Jill Ford

Jill Ford ceramics

‘Preparation is Key’

When preparing, I always make sure I have everything I need to start my day in the studio. ‘Preparation is key’ to a successful day and it is always nice to reward myself with a nice cup of tea, at the end. : )

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