Mountain range

Black Edges bowls diam 18cm     £120


Inspired by the beautiful N W Highlands where massive mountain ranges reach down to the rugged coastline. Memories of walking Beinn Alligin and Beinn Dampf inspired a range of tall Standing Forms with deep chasms, and eroded bowls with delicately textured edges and finely pinched edges. Breathtaking!

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Rose bowl – hand thrown porcelain with a delicately pulled rim that contrasts with the velvety smooth surface. 

Rose bowl 22cm diam     £150


Edges Vases – evidence of precipitous edges on the mountains and deep crevices. 

White Edges vase    ht  20 cm     £120

                                               White Edges vase 2  ht 20cm  £120


Cleft Standing forms – the deep Black Cleft of Beinn Alligin features on the carved surface of this tall sculptural form. 

Cleft standing form   ht  48cm    £180

cleft standing fom

                                                    Cleft Standing form 2  ht 52cm   £180 


Edges bowls – snow and ice with frozen waterfalls linger on the mountain faces. Porcelain is a perfect clay to create sweeps of slip that capture some of the energy of the mountains, with an appearance of delicacy that belies great strength. 

White Edges bowl – large  diam  22cm     £180

White Edges bowl – small diam 18cm     £120

Black Edges bowl – large   diam  22cm     £180


                 Edges oval dish  width 25cm  £120


Landslip vase – like the action of ice I have gouged and scraped facets of the pots and applied thick layers of slip. Referencing the Japanese ethos of wabi sabi – imperfect and impermanent – these pots fit easily in the home whilst still making a striking statement.   

Landslip vase ht 42cm  £190


Folded vases  – twists and folds in sedimentary layers inspire these quiet thoughtful pieces.

Folded vases ht 18cm     £98


                 Black Folded vases    ht 17 cm and 18cm    £98


Erosion bowl – endless erosion and weathering creates beautifully subtle textures that I emulate with layers of slip – alternating between building up layers and scraping back until a pattern is revealed. 

Erosion bowl diam 22cm     £125