Barnacle Shell Range

Barnacle Shell collection

The Barnacle shell range is inspired by the masses of tiny crustaceans observed on Scottish beaches, with their ridged shells and feeding holes. They are containers of light and embody these beautiful characteristics of porcelain : whiteness, translucency and smoothness. Fine throwing and turning enable me to make pots that appear delicate yet have inherent strength once fired. Pots are fully glazed, suitable for fruit or displaying flowers, hand washable. 

Barnacle Shell bowls

Barnacle shell bowl – large 25cm diam   £180

A full round bowl thrown on the wheel. When leather hard I pierce all the tiny holes one by one and meticulously stretch them which creates a little ridge around the hole. Like barnacle shells the masses of holes are organic and textural – starting as little dots and getting progressively larger and crustier. 

    porcelain vessel with bored through holes

Barnacle Shell bowl – small 18cm diam   £95 

A smaller version, thrown thinly to show off the delicacy and refinement of porcelain. 

Barnacle Shell bowl – small 18cm diam   £95 


Barnacle Shell shallow bowls

Barnacle Shell shallow bowl   25cm diam   £185                                                                   

Barnacle Shell Shallow bowl – 26cm diam   £190

barnacle - shell - bowl

Small bowl and shallow bowl  18cm and 25cm diam  £95 and £185


Standing Forms

Barnacle Shell Standing forms  ht 48 – 50 cm  £195 each

Standing forms are very tall and slender, designed to make a WOW statement in a room! These sculptural forms are thrown on the wheel and then bored through with hundreds of ridged holes resembling barnacle shells. 

collection of Barnacle Shell standing forms


Barnacle shell vases

Barnacle shell vase  20cm height  £120



Barnacle Shell oval dish


Barnacle Shell oval dish length 28cm    £150


Barnacle Shell platter 

Barnacle shell platter 28cm  length   £119

Perfect for serving food.