Jill Ford began working as a potter in 2002, converting her garage into a studio pottery and establishing her company Jill Ford Ceramics.


Her contemporary porcelain, which encompasses innovative textural wall pieces, vases and bowls thrown on the wheel and a range of candlesticks is now sold in an impressive host of galleries and shops both in the UK and overseas, including New York.

Jill’s work mirrors the seasons, both in the processes she uses as well as the changing nature of her landscape. Her latest work tends towards a more abstract nature and draws heavily on the themes of ice and rock, particularly informing her wall pieces and Strata range of vessels.

She says: “Winter is a particularly inspiring time of year and we experienced extreme temperatures. This made fantastic ice formations, which were frozen for a long time. The ice was incredibly thick and you could see the layering of ice blocks and snow. It was very white, so it lent itself well to my use of porcelain, especially when built up in really thin layers of clay.”

She continues: “I’ve also spent some time sketching by the coast looking at rock formations and strata, which translate really well using porcelain because it has a fragile strength. It’s difficult to work with but once fired it’s very strong so you can create very thin surfaces and objects.”


Jill creates each new piece of her range sensitively and intuitively, responding to the natural stimuli around her yet her work is always accessible and inclusive, resulting in its wide appeal and ever-growing popularity.


Jill is also an enthusiastic champion of craft lending her support to nationwide initiatives to raise its profile in the UK and is a member of Northern Potters Ass and East Riding Artists. Children’s workshops are held regularly at Jill studio pottery near to Ellerton. Adults, too can join in the fun by coming to the evening workshops or by booking a lesson when Jill will teach how to throw pots on the wheel.

Throwing lessons available