This range is all about adding a bit of luxury to your everyday life. From beautiful white porcelain mugs to gorgeous earthy Metamorphic range – all ready to become your new favourites!

 Metamorphic cup and mug

     metamorphic mugs

A tall generously sized breakfast mug or smaller petite cup – both stoneware mug thrown on the wheel. The mug is my favourite for early morning cuppas. Grey green glaze with lovely mottled rim and generous handle.  Heights : mug – 11cm, cup – 9cm approx

Metamorphic bowls


 I find I’m using bowls both shallow and deep for so much of my food now – so let’s mix it up a bit. The small bowl is good for serving starters, cereals and puds. The medium bowl is deeper and makes an excellent main course dish or soup bowl. Thrown on the wheel from stoneware clay and finished in my grey/green glaze with sumptuous mottled decoration. Hand wash or dishwasher safe. 

Small bowl – 17cm diam, medium bowl – 19cm diam

Metamorphic platter

A beautiful platter to show off all your food. Available in oval or round shapes. Long, low and lovely. Press moulded stoneware decorated using my grey/green satin glaze with a swirl of top glaze to bring out the colours and textures. Dishwasher safe or hand wash. 

Round platter – 35cm wide, oval platter – 39cm wide  approx

And here’s what a customer has done with his Metamorphic platter….


 Metamorphic Plate

Small plates that double as modern day saucers – just big enough for a biscuit, and larger dinner plates for main courses. Press moulded stoneware finished with my grey/green satin glaze and sumptuous mottled surface. Hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Small plate – 15cm diam, Dinner plate – 24cm diam

Metamorphic Serving bowl


Use to serve veggies, salads and pasta or as an extravagant main course bowl – for ramen soup maybe? Deep and darkly glazed in satin grey/green with mottled patterning.  Full round bowl, thrown on the wheel from stoneware clay. Hand wash or stack in the dishwasher.

Serving bowl –  22-24cm diam

White Tea Mug

Two white mugs

My favourite mug – it’s the one I use every morning for a brew or two. Generous in size yet still elegant.  This mug is thrown on the wheel from white porcelain. Glazed in shiny transparent glaze with an opaque white base. Dishwasher proof.

Height : 11cm height approx

Porcelain White plates

Simple white plates with a delicate impressed pattern. The contemporary shape id press moulded from fine white porcelain and glazed in a glossy transparent glaze. Use on their own or layer up with the Metamorphic grey plates and bowls. I love dressing up my table when I have friends coming round for a meal. Wash by hand or in the dishwasher. 

Diam : 20cm approx

 Barnacle Shell Bud Vase

IMG_6449    IMG_6440

To add a touch of style to your dinner table – filled with freshly picked herbs or flowers picked from the garden or hedgerow.  Current bestseller at a wide range of ceramic shows! A delicate white bud vase crafted from fine white porcelain with masses of tiny holes, finished with a shiny transparent glaze. Placed by a window, sunlight will shine through the translucent rim of the vase. Each vase is individually made and pinched by hand and is therefore unique. Hand washable.  

Height  : 19cm