Mountain range

Inspired by the beautiful N W Highlands where massive mountain ranges reach down to the rugged coastline. 

Memories of walking Beinn Alligin and the Horns have inspired a range of tall Standing Forms with deep chasms re-living the feeling of looking down hundreds of metres of sheer drop between the two munroes. Breathtaking! The pots are textured and carved in an attempt to recapture the grandeur and scale of the mountain. 

Black Cleft on Beinn Alligin    

Snow and ice with frozen waterfalls have lingered on the mountain faces. My recent pots have been inspired by the white tracts of frozen snow – hard enough to walk across and water flowing underneath melting ice fields.


I’ve been throwing lots of tall slender vase forms – 20.5 cm in height – that’s my all time record! Thinking back to effects of Ice Age glaciers on underlying rock, I’ve gouged and scraped facets of the pots. Then applied thick layers of slip. I love the Japanese ethos of wabi sabi – using it in my home. Sympathetic to the idea of the worn and impermanent I’ve encouraged the porcelain to form delicate edges and left these as frozen gestural marks. 


Three crackled standing forms