Barnacle Shell Range

The Barnacle shell range is inspired by the masses of tiny crustaceans observed on Scottish beaches, with their ridged shells and feeding holes. They are containers of light  and embody these beautiful characteristics of porcelain;

whiteness – always appealing to show off textural details, smoothness – enabling fine throwing and turning to elegant thinness, translucency – light will glow through the porcelain as well as shine through the holes and fragility that belies a hidden strength once the pot is fired.

Barnacle Shell Bowls

Holes resembling barnacle shells with raised ridges are then bored into the surface. I carefully stretch the porcelain, making the holes bigger and bigger aiming to create as much space as clay – taking the porcelain to it’s very limit then setting it hard in the kiln. The result is a beautifully light bowl suitable for displaying fruit or flowers – lovely just on it’s own. Hand washable.

Sizes : small – 14cm diam, medium – 18cm diam,  large – 24cm diam

Barnacle Shell Shallow Bowl

Barnacle shell shallow bowl - lit

Porcelain large bowl thrown at the wheel and then turned to create a thin translucent effect. This shallow bowl looks beautiful when filled with juicy green grapes or a selection of citrus fruits. However it really comes into its own when purposefully placed centre stage as a stand alone piece.

Size: diam approx 28cm, height 10cm

Barnacle Shell Standing Forms


Standing Forms are slender and very tall – up to 48 cm in height – they make a WOW statement in a room! Forms are thrown on the wheel and then bored through with hundreds  holes resembling barnacle shells, each one has a delicately raised ridge. If placed beside on a windowsill they will allow light to shine through the holes and through the translucent porcelain. Waterproof, hand washable.

Size : tall – 30 cm height and extra tall 40+ cm height

Barnacle Shell oval dish

This dish starts as an open cylinder, thrown on the wheel that is gently squeezed into an oval form. I bore the same barnacle shell – inspired holes into the surface and and add textures observed on the coastline. The dish is glazed and so is prefect for displaying fruit or flowers – or it can be placed on it’d own to make a visual statement. The ridged holes will allow light to pass through giving the pieces a delicacy and vibrancy.

Size : approx 30 cm wide

Barnacle Shell Flat form

Barnacle Shell Flat form

The latest addition to the range – the Flat form is softly modelled from a thin slab of porcelain. The form echoes marine creatures – flat fish, rays or egg cases occasionally washed up on beaches of N.W.Scotland, with organic curves undulating around the base. A delicate textural decoration highlights the wave-like edges of the form. This would make a pretty platter for serving food, and is glazed and hand washable. Imagine it stacked with sushi…..

Size : approx 30cm wide